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About Overdose Prevention Teams

Maryland’s Office of Overdose Response works with partners in all 24 local jurisdictions in Maryland to share best practices and to promote evidence-informed programs to prevent overdose deaths. Each jurisdiction is required to maintain an Overdose Prevention Team (OPT), which works to promote multidisciplinary collaboration to expand substance use-related supports. 

Overdose Prevention Teams (formerly known as Opioid Intervention Teams) are responsible for developing a local strategy to reduce overdoses in their communities and hosting meetings to discuss updates. Teams bring together representatives from various local agencies to identify gaps in resources, share relevant data, and promote collaboration. 

For more information, see our OPT program inventory:


Each Overdose Prevention Team is chaired by the local health department, has a co-chair from any local partner organization (co-chair can be from any local government agency or community organization), and includes partners from local agencies, providers, and community groups. Pursuant to Executive Order 01.01.2023.21, Overdose Prevention Team participants include:

  • Health
  • Social services
  • Education
  • Public safety agencies, including law enforcement, fire service, and emergency services
  • Harm reduction programs
  • Recovery support programs
  • Treatment providers
  • Community and faith-based organizations

OPTs are required to meet at least quarterly, and they are responsible for administering annual block grant funding distributed by Maryland’s Office of Overdose Response to each of Maryland’s local jurisdictions to address the overdose crisis.

If you need help contacting your local Overdose Prevention Team, please contact Maryland’s Office of Overdose Response Associate Director of Partnerships and Programs Avery Meyer at

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