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Opioid Operational Command Center FY2020 Call for Proposals

In January 2017, Governor Hogan issued Executive Order 01.01.2017.01, establishing the Opioid Operational Command Center (OOCC) to facilitate coordination and sharing of information among state and local agencies in response to the heroin and opioid epidemic.

In March 2017, the governor announced a supplemental budget of at least $50 million in new, crisis funding over a five-year period to address Maryland’s opioid crisis through prevention and education, enforcement, and treatment and recovery efforts. All of these components of the statewide response are essential to turning the tide in this heroin and opioid crisis.

The OOCC directly allocates approximately $10 million in crisis funding each year. In Fiscal Year 2020, $4 million of these crisis funds will be allocated as block grants to opioid intervention teams (OITs) in Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions. The balance of the OOCC’s crisis fund budget will be used to provide grants to other state agencies, local governments, and private community-based programs, and to support the OOCC’s operating budget.

The following documents provide helpful information about making application for an OOCC grant. The deadline to apply is June 13, 2019 and applications can be submitted to