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Local Paper Testimonials – Cecil County

The Cecil County Health Department collaborated with one of the county’s local newspapers—Cecil Whig—to publish inspirational recovery stories on local residents who struggled with substance use disorders and achieved recovery. The weekly series, entitled “Voices of Recovery,” was inspired by the Health Department’s extensive promotion and multiple viewings of the film, “The Anonymous People.”

Working with the Health Department, the newspaper conducted more than 52 interviews and developed a weekly profile of one person with long-term sobriety, which included a photo of each. These stories helped to increase awareness of the nature and extent of substance abuse and its effects on individuals, families, and communities. The initiative also decreased negative stigma associated with substance use disorders, inspired those involved in substance use to seek help, and heightened awareness of treatment resources and the opportunity of recovery.

View the series, “Voices of Recovery.”

Interested in learning more? Contact:
Ken Collins, MSA
Division Director, Addiction Services
Cecil County Health Department