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Integrated Behavorial Health, Substance Use Treatment, Resource Support, and Case Management – Carroll County

Access Carroll is a private nonprofit organization that offers integrated medical, dental, and behavioral health care for at-risk residents of Carroll County, Maryland. In collaboration with community partners, Access Carroll directly addresses community and population health needs, such as access to primary health care, treatment for chronic diseases, access to oral health care, behavioral health care, and substance use disorder treatment and recovery services. Additionally, Access Carroll provides intensive case management, care coordination, pharmacy assistance, health insurance exchange enrollment, pharmacy and medical supplies, and public assistance application support.

To combat the growing opioid epidemic, Access Carroll provides a variety of programs, such as the Opioid Prevention Coalition in partnership with the Carroll County Health Department, which prevents opioid addictions, overdoses, and fatalities; prescription drug disposal, which encourages the community to dispose of unused medication properly and safely; and naloxone kits, which are provided to the local emergency department and distributed to at-risk individuals and families to name a few.

Access Carroll finds strength and organization through community stakeholder support, and partners with local police and law enforcement, the State’s Attorney’s Office, Department of Social Services, public schools, local colleges, private businesses, and the faith-based community to gather potential approaches in addressing issues in the county. Strategic health care partners are Carroll Hospital and the Carroll County Health Department.

Access Carroll continues to cultivate and maintain partnerships in the midst of changes and other community demands in order to improve and support the community.

The most notable success is the creation of a unique public and private health partnership with the Carroll County Health Department, recognized by the Secretary of Health, to provide fully integrated medical and behavioral health care for at-risk residents. In coordination with The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County is the development of cross-agency trainings, an opportunity for staff from agencies, organizations, schools, and health care facilities to participate in learning together and sharing information. Additionally, Access Carroll offers naloxone training in their office once a month. In November, Access Carroll will offer another cross-agency training on naloxone awareness and training.

Interested in learning more? Contact:
Tammy Black
Executive Director and CEO, Access Carroll, Inc.